E1803D Compact XY2/100 and XY3/100 Scanner Controller

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The E1803 controller is not a successor or replacement of the E1701D Modular Scanner Controller but an own product with a different area of application.

Technically it is fully compatible with an E1701D controller with LP8 Extension and Digi I/O Extension plus additional:

  • Two analogue 0..10 V outputs, plus
  • A serial RS232/RS485 interface, plus
  • Better performance, plus
  • Scanhead power supply provided via controller

now all incorporated in one compact card.

With all these features it is still a low-cost scanner card which can be used with all XY2-100, XY2-200, XY2-100E, XY2-200E and XY3-100 compatible scanheads.

The E1803 Controller provides following general features:

  • Can be used with any scanhead with XY2-100, XY2-200, XY2-100-E, XY2-200-E or XY3-100 interface
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet connection, USB 2.0 connection
  • Online XYZ grid correction with support for several correction table file formats (like BeamConstruct HD .bco correction files, SCAPS™ .ucf, Scanlab™ .ctb and .ct5, Raylase™ .gcd, GSI/CTI™ .xml, Sunny™ .txt)
  • Fast online switching between up to 16 grid correction tables
  • 10 microseconds vector cycle time and resolution (microstep period), command
    execution time down to 0,5 microseconds
  • Realtime processing of laser and scanner signals
  • 26 bit internal resolution (for better quality also with 16 or 18 bit hardware output)
  • 512 MByte DDR3 RAM, 1 GHz CPU clock
  • Extremely low power consumption of about 2 W (without scanhead power supply)
  • Internal command and vector data list with more than 20 million entries
  • Continuous list concept, no need to swap between lists
  • BeamConstruct PRO license included
  • Compact size of about 125 mm x 100 mm
  • Quality made in EU/Germany

Beside of that it provides following connectivity features and interfaces:

  • 16 bit XY2-100 interface to scanhead with X, Y and Z channel
  • 18 bit XY2-100-E interface to scanhead with X, Y and Z channel
  • 20 bit XY3-100 interface to scanhead with X and Y channel
  • Two laser CMOS level digital outputs for usage with YAG, CO2, IPG™, SPI™ and other compatible laser types (outputs can provide PWM frequency, Q-Switch, FPK-pulse, continuously running frequency, stand-by frequency), running with frequencies up to 20 MHz
  • LP8 8 bit CMOS level parallel digital output e.g. for controlling laser power
  • LP8 latch and Master Oscillator CMOS level digital output for usage with IPG™ and compatible laser types
  • 2x 12 bit 0..10 V analogue outputs e.g. for controlling power of SPI™ lasers
  • 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs can be switched to opto-insulated mode with
    external power supply of up to 24 V
  • 2x2 inputs can be used for 90 degree phase-shifted encoder signals for 1D and 2D
    marking on-the-fly applications
  • Digital inputs can be used to select one of up to 256 stand-alone marking jobs stored on microSD card of baseboard
  • RS232/RS485 serial interface
  • Can be powered with 12..24 V with direct supply to scanhead to save additional wiring
  • Support for Micro-SD and Micro-SDHC cards with up to 32 GByte disk space for stand-alone operations

The optional Intelli-IO Extension Board...

  • Can be plugged to E1803D expansion connector
  • Offers additional 3x 12 bit 0..5V analogue inputs for multi-purpose data acquisition
  • Makes use of own microcontroller so that special, customised applications can run fully parallel on the board

In digital I/O mode:

  • Provides 8 general purpose digital outputs and 6 general purpose digital inputs (0/5 V)

In motion control mode:

  • supports up to four stepper motor axes, controlled via step- and direction signals
  • up to 39 kHz jitter-free step frequency (45 kHz maximum step frequency)
  • moves all four axes at the same time
  • movements possible fully parallel to laser/scanner operation

The optional Multi-IO Extension Board...

  • Can be plugged to E1803D expansion connector
  • Provides a 2D XY2-100(E) secondary head interface to connect a second scanhead which works fully parallel to the primary one
  • Comes with a second RS232/RS485 serial interface which works fully independent from the first one on the E1803D baseboard
  • Offers 3x 12 bit 0..5V analogue inputs for multi-purpose data acquisition


E1803D manual containing hardware description as well as programming extensionboards as well interface specification: e1803_manual.pdf

E1803D 3D CAD model in STP format:

Development files (Windows and Linux, no driver required for Linux): GIT Repository



E1803D™ hardware and design is © by HALaser Systems/OpenAPC Project Group